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COMSONT operates on 7.153Mhz LSB Monday to Friday from (EST) 9:00am (1/2 hour warmup) to generally 10:30am or so.

The Roll Call start time will be approximately 09:30 EDT.  Please join in!

COMSONT Daily Control Operators

Here is the schedule for the next three weeks.



03-Sep-18 Joe WB8CTC

04-Sep-18 Germaine N8WDG

05-Sep-18 Doug VE3DVC

06-Sep-18 Don VE3KII

07-Sep-18 Fred AB8QS

10-Sep-18 Joe WB8CTC

11-Sep-18 Germaine  N8WDG

12-Sep-18 Doug VE3DVC

13-Sep-18 Don VE3KII

14-Sep-18 Fred AB8QS

17-Sep-18 Joe WB8CTC

18-Sep-18 Germaine N8WDG

19-Sep-18 Doug VE3DVC

20-Sep-18 Don VE3KII

21-Sep-18 Fred AB8QS

24-Sep-18 Joe WB8CTC

25-Sep-18 Germaine  N8WDG

26-Sep-18 Doug  KC8NDA

27-Sep-18 Don  VE3KII

28-Sep-18 Fred  AB8QS


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